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shot from film
short film by Alyssa Minko 
storytelling, art direction, look development,
additional compositing & visual effects
spring 2017
Maya | Arnold | Mudbox
Photoshop | After Effects | Premiere
composed by Alec Gerchman
additional compositing & technical direction by Levi Davis III
mother voiced by Ruth Tietel
sound design by Eliza Inez Good
Malcolm character rig courtesy
tree models courtesy of
additional asset modeling by Stephanie Chan, Levi Davis III, Matthieu Mouthon, and Sarah Dunton
additional artwork provided by
Stephanie Chan, Monica Nguyen-Vo,
and Angela Krieg

In The Final Touch, an artist battles with his own sleep-deprived clumsiness in order to finish a painting in time for a special deadline.

official film poster

The Final Touch was my first time creating a short film, along with experiencing many of the included technical skills of texturing, shading, modeling, lighting, and rendering. For this film, I sought to focus on look development.

shots from film

Below are some examples of my preproduction workflow, in which I explored story and environment design.

original story beats
research & development
concept art
concept art

Despite using a pre-rig from, I wanted my film to differ from other short films, and for my lead character to carry a personality unique from other Malcolm rig usages. I retextured him, as well as modified his rig to great extents to give him a personalized look. I also wanted to develop a likeness between he and his mother, and my modifications to the pre-rig allowed for this likeness.

character development