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role: designer

art director, illustrator, designer
Reporter Magazine
art director dec. 2016 - present
illustrator oct. 2015 - dec. 2016
InDesign | Photoshop| Illustrator

Reporter Magazine is the official student-run publication of the Rochester Institute of Technology. Students collaborate on the 32 page monthly print publication, as well as the production of daily online news and weekly podcasts. 

As the Art Director, I manage, mentor, and lead a team of 20+ creatives in the development of editorial visual assets and layout design. I also am responsible for developing and maintaining a cohesive style and brand across print, online, marketing, and social media visuals. The publication requires extensive interdepartmental collaboration, of which I am responsible for facilitating.

I have overseen 12 monthly magazines and counting. Each magazine goes under extensive planning and preparation, and has a strict process as the magazine travels between departments. At the end of each magazine production, I am responsible for compiling the magazine, preparing it for printing, and ensuring that the quality of the illustration and layout is cohesive with the Reporter brand.

I have illustrated and designed for Reporter. I was an illustrator prior to my role as Art Director, and still continue to contribute artwork to the magazine from time to time. 

role: designer

final commercial

role: designer

role: designer

role: illustrator

role: illustrator

role: illustrator

Each article that appears in the print magazine is given a visual direction that I assign to an illustrator and designer. For some articles, I will provide specific concepts for the artists to follow, whereas for others, I will oversee collaboration and ideation from the artists. The writer often provides specific concepts to incorporate in the art,
which I am responsible for translating into visual ideas that the illustrator and designer should then execute.

role: art director

by Grace Blondell

illustration by Cassy Smithies

design by Alexis Scott

by Kristin Grant

illustration by Monica Nguyen-Vo

design by Lily Garnaat

by Kendra Murphy

illustration by Juho Choi

design by Kevin Zampieron

by Ryan Black

illustration by Stephanie Chan

design by Karley Allis

by Kevin Zampieron
illustration by Juho Choi

design by Kevin Zampieron