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Final Look
concept design, all aspects
Spring 2018
Maya | Arnold | Substance Painter
Nuke | Photoshop

Efflorescing Perrenial is the visual exploration of the classic literary motif of the birth of spring. I created this concept for a class project, in which I was tasked to take photographs of my outdoor surroundings and draw inspiration from them to create a magical scene. I also used this scene as a means for me to begin learning Nuke for the purpose of compositing.

inspiration photograph

The image depicts a snowdrop flower blooming, and uses a harp to symbolize the musical uplifting of winter's ashes from a dark, deceased land.

The dreary Rochester, NY weather served as the source of inspiration for this work. I was amazed by the beauty of such white, pure flowers attempting to burst through the dead leaves and patches of snow on the ground in February 2018.

I created a color key to help guide me in my unusual lighting. I was unsure of how to approach the lighting in Maya, so I used this concept to ground my ideas and provide me with a concrete visual reference when learning how to create this image technically.

color key
Nuke Compositing

I focused on my technical abilities in this piece. The final product involved a lot of AOVs, render layers, and post-processing in Nuke to control the appearance of my magical lighting.

The combination of mesh lights and volumetric lighting is a known issue in Arnold 4-5, and so I had a lot of sampling errors. I used Nuke to not only help correct these, but to create a more accurate representation of my vision for the magical lighting. 

This project was my first trial at using AOVs, and render layers in depth, as well as my first crash course in Nuke for compositing. I have a lot to learn about this amazing program!