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shot from film
short film by Alyssa Minko & Amy Adams
storytelling, art direction, look development,
compositing & visual effects
fall 2017
Maya | Arnold | Mudbox
Photoshop | After Effects | Premiere
composed by Wesley Odell
technical direction by Levi Davis III
additional sound design by Nick Love

There are many factors that influence a consumer’s food choices. An experimental approach and illustrative visual experience combine to create a fluid stream of thought that exposes the traditions and choices concerning food production and consumption.


CONSUMER uses surrealistic art direction combined with narrative strategies and framing devices to convey a complex, conceptual idea. The short film is entirely pupped based, and uses a mixed media approach to challenge the line between 2D and 3D animation.

shots from film

CONSUMER uses split screens and match cuts as a storytelling devices to convey abstract concepts in an experimental nature.

Color also plays a significant role in deriving meaning within the film. Earthy tones contrasted with a bleak and processed
color palette are used to emphasize
the themes of the film concerning food production and consumption.

official film poster

CONSUMER's characters are designed to discomfort audience members and advance themes of deconstruction. Their paper-cut, puppet-like style enhances surrealistic art direction within the film.

shot from film

The mixed media approach of this film combines the uniquely distinct aesthetics of 2D and 3D animation. 3D foregrounds, characters, and models have planar aspects to them, and backgrounds emphasize a hand drawn nature while still blending in with a primarily 3D environment and lighting approach. 


Concept art, lighting studies, mood boards, and stylistic references were important in developing the visual style, which was a crucial factor in properly conveying the film's complex meaning.

concept art
color script

We drew reference from the stylistic choices of E.D. Films, "Amelie," and Dali. CONSUMER uses surrealism to bend reality particularly in the character design, lighting choices, and layered paper-cut approach.

research & development