copyright 2019 Alyssa Minko
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beauty render
art direction, look development, sculpting,
texturing, shading, 
winter 2017-2018
ZBrush | Maya | Arnold 
Substance Painter | Photoshop | After Effects 

This carousel horse model was a project that allowed me to hone in on my weaknesses as a 3D artist. I spent the most time sculpting and modeling, since I wanted to gain a better grasp of taking a high resolution sculpt and baking its details onto a lower poly, animatable mesh. 

After I was satisfied with the amount of topology and the edge flow, I spent countless hours learning Substance Painter. My goal was to best replicate the glossy, hand painted finish on real handmade carousel horses. I kept in mind the process of creating a real carousel horse - and used that to inform my decisions in the texture maps and shading attributes.


I later used an HDRI to best replicate the environment that this carousel horse might be viewed in.

View a breakdown of the model below.


A lot of research and development helped bring this model to life. I referenced actual carousel horses for design accuracy and appeal; anatomical references for precision; existing examples of horse characters for inspiration.